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Irrelevance By the Bucketful

Meandering Ramblings of a Meandering Rambler

17 June 1983
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Hello, and if you've stumbled upon this profile and journal by accident, I am so, so sorry.

For those who have come intentionally, I offer no such apologies or condolences, as you have likely talked to me elsewhere, and knew what depths of boredom and irrelevance you were getting yourselves into.

At any rate, I am a Canadian gal whose age seems to increase faster than she can be bothered to update it. I've got an English degree that has thus far gotten me a job working in a grocery store deli. Which, from what I hear of English degrees and their general usefulness in the real world, is about as much as I can reasonably expect, particularly during good ol' Recession Time.

I'm engaged married to an endlessly weird and wonderful fellow who will invariably show up when, and only when, I write something he doesn't like. ;)

I am hopelessly addicted to fanfiction for various things, usually romantic, even when it really, really doesn't fit the fandom.

In every fandom I get involved in, I have a decided tendency to fangirl one character, usually female, beyond all logic and reason. There are very rarely any similarities between my favourites, aside from the fact that all are heavily, heavily flawed. At the moment, my very favouritest character ever is Catelyn Stark from all those lovely, doom-filled A Song of Ice and Fire books. Pretty much in love with the whole Stark family, but there's just something about that sexy badass mama-wolf that makes me squee like an idiot.

My other very favouritest character ever right now is Laura Roslin from the 2003 Battlestar Galactica series, as I can relate to the urge to send my enemies into the endless vacuum of space. And also, because she is fifty-seven thousand kinds of awesome.

Also, I have a tendency to ramble a bit.